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Sustainable living is a form of lifestyle wherein person lives in a bare minimum environmental effect by reducing his individual carbon foot prints.

Sustainable Living Network is a non for profit business conservation development program, initiated by group of Non Profit Organizations and companies with collaborative objectives and with a vision and mission to make India a Sustainable country.

REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE are the main content of sustainable development, our program added one more “R” i.e. REWARD. With a very small investment and by adopting very simple practices and products you get reward benefit for yourself, family, society, nation and nature.


SPECIAL NOTE : Dear Visitor – We are currently serving SLN GREEN ACCOUNT members only. Kindly apply for your  Green A/c No. Till then you may register and select products/services in your wishlist. We will be glad to have you as our SIP ( Sustainable Indian Practitioner).

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THE PRODUCTS we have selected are some of the best sustainable products available in Indian markets.

BE OUR SUSTAINABLE PARTNER   Register yourself with us under following heads “EARN – INVEST – TRADE” and become our sustainable partner. Later you will be able to purchase various unique range of sustainable products along with services using SIP rewards points.

Sustainable Indian Practitioner (SIP) points are those reward benefits which you get in lieu of your Investment and practices.

A little investment/donation and a regular sustainable practice will help members to earn regular SIP rewards points which they can use here to purchase or avail various sustainable products and services

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