Har khet 5 Ped

CURRENT SITUATION : In almost every part of earth the extra greed of human relulted huge loss of trees, large no of trees were cut down to develop open farm lands, this has increased the problem of water scarcity, less trees attracts less rainfall, roots of trees hold the land as well as well under ground water, loss of trees are becoming major cause of loss of lives.

OUR CONCEPT : Is to motivate farmers to plant at least 5 trees in every 1 acre of land, this will help reduce global warming as well help maintain water level and reduce soil erection.

Har tube well pe recharge well

URRENT SITUATION : In almost all parts of India , large nos of tube well has been developed to overcome the crises of water, use of underground water for irrigation has resulted huge loss of underground water resources, with no effort for water recharging the water level is getting down day by day.

OUR CONCEPT : Is to motivate people to develop atleast one recharge well with every tubewell , so that underground water resource can be charged by using rain water harvesting systems.

Waste to Garbage

Sarvajal Abhiyaan

Jal daan